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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 L'Envoi by Oscar Wilde  RobMarland PL OK
2 From the Hill of Gardens  Kitty PL OK
3 In the Coliseum  Kitty PL OK
4 The Sea-King's Grave  Kitty PL OK
5 A Roman Mirror  Kitty PL OK
6 By the South Sea  Kitty PL OK
7 In a Church  Kitty PL OK
8 At Lanuvium  Kitty PL OK
9 'If Anyone Return'  Kitty PL OK
10 'Une Heure Viendra Qui Tout Paiera'  Kitty PL OK
11 Actea  Kitty PL OK
12 Imperator Augustus  Kitty PL OK
13 'Atque in Perpetuum Frater Ave Atque Vale'  Kitty PL OK
14 On the Border Hills  Kitty PL OK
15 Long After  Kitty PL OK
16 'Where the Rhone Goes Down to the Sea'  Kitty PL OK
17 A Song of Autumn  Kitty PL OK
18 'Ερωτοϛ' Ανδοϛ  Kitty PL OK
19 Atalanta  Kitty PL OK
20 The Daisy  Kitty PL OK
21 When I am Dead  Kitty PL OK
22 After Heine  Kitty PL OK
23 'Those Days are Long Departed'  Kitty PL OK
24 A Star-Dream  Kitty PL OK
25 After Heine  Kitty PL OK
26 After Heine  Kitty PL OK
27 Endymion  Kitty PL OK
28 Disillusion  Kitty PL OK
29 Requiescat  Kitty PL OK
30 In Chartres Cathedral  Kitty PL OK
31 Hic Jacet  Kitty PL OK
32 At Tiber Mouth  Kitty PL OK