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0 Preface  SweetPea PL OK
1 Part I: ''The Night is Far Spent.'' - Chapter I: The Vision on the Housetop  ej400 PL OK
2 Chapter II: In the House of Judas  Scarlet576 PL OK
3 Chapter III: The Soothsayer  Scarlet576 PL OK
4 Chapter IV: Three Princes and a Slave  Scarlet576 PL OK
5 Chapter V: In the Desert of Sinai  Scarlet576 PL OK
6 Chapter VI: The Recluse of Caprae  Scarlet576 PL OK
7 Chapter VII: The Rose of Lebanon  Scarlet576 PL OK
8 Chapter VIII: A Forbidden Visit  Scarlet576 PL OK
9 Chapter IX: In the Temple of Baal  mschroff PL OK
10 Chapter X: The Physician and the Emporer  mschroff PL OK
11 Chapter XI: The Master of the World  mschroff PL OK
12 Chapter XII: The Chosen and the Accursed  mschroff PL OK
13 Chapter XIII: Saul in Jerusalem  NCreader PL OK
14 Chapter XIV: Herodias  mschroff PL OK
15 Chapter XV: Caius, the God  mschroff PL OK
16 Chapter XVI: The Colossus of Sidon  mschroff PL OK
17 Chapter XVII: The Mediator  joelly209 PL OK
18 Chapter XVIII: The End of the Play  joelly209 PL OK
19 Chapter XIX: Interregnum  joelly209 PL OK
20 Chapter XX: Claudius Caesar  joelly209 PL OK
21 Part II: ''The Day is at Hand.'' - Chapter XXI: An Epistle  fiddlesticks PL OK
22 Chapter XXII: A Boatman of Antioch  mschroff PL OK
23 Chapter XXIII: The King of the Jews  mschroff PL OK
24 Chapter XXIV: A Strong Deliverer  mschroff PL OK
25 Chapter XXV: Retribution  iromair PL OK
26 Chapter XXVI: Sent Forth  hugachris PL OK
27 Chapter XXVII: A Light of the Gentiles  hugachris PL OK
28 Chapter XXVIII: A Messenger of the Most High  EstherbenSimonides PL OK
29 Chapter XXIX: The Calling of Timothy  EstherbenSimonides PL OK
30 Chapter XXX: From Jerusalem to Galatia  EstherbenSimonides PL OK
31 Chapter XXXI: In Philippi  EstherbenSimonides PL OK
32 Chapter XXXII: A Stranger in Athens  RussellEric PL OK
33 Chapter XXXIII: The Tent-Maker  RussellEric PL OK
34 Chapter XXXIV: A Business Man of Ephesus  readinglover PL OK
35 Chapter XXXV: Great Diana of the Ephesians  RussellEric PL OK
36 Part III: ''An Ambassador in Bonds.'' - Chapter XXXVI: ''Despised and Rejected''  hugachris PL OK
37 Chapter XXXVII: A Promise and a Vow  hugachris PL OK
38 Chapter XXXVIII: Paul and Felix  hugachris PL OK
39 Chapter XXXIX: ''Caesarem Appello!''  hugachris PL OK
40 Chapter XL: On the Way to Rome  hugachris PL OK
41 Chapter XLI: ''Ready to be Offered''  dlolso21 PL OK