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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  SonOfTheExiles 1:34 Listen PL OK
1 The New Home  SonOfTheExiles 8:59 Listen PL OK
2 Twelve Months After  SonOfTheExiles 8:31 Listen PL OK
3 Uncle and the 'Roos  SonOfTheExiles 9:21 Listen PL OK
4 Sandy's Gold Mine  SonOfTheExiles 9:46 Listen PL OK
5 Trouble on the Mine  SonOfTheExiles 7:26 Listen PL OK
6 Two Cases for the Doctor  SonOfTheExiles 10:16 Listen PL OK
7 Some Neighbours of Sandy's  SonOfTheExiles 12:32 Listen PL OK
8 Two Girls From Town  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
9 Cows and Horses  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
10 One Corn Season  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
11 In The Drought Time  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
12 Sandy's Lucky Shot  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
13 Jimmy Parker's Holiday  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
14 Uncle's Arrest  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
15 An Appeal to Old Dad  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
16 A Hundred Pounds  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
17 A Distinguished Visitor  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
18 Dad Takes to Politics  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
19 Dad in Parliament  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
20 The Ripper Sewing Machine  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
21 Kate's Babies  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
22 McMaster's Traction Engine  SonOfTheExiles Assigned