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0 Forward  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
1 I.1 The Organism and the Self (Vol.4 Pg.1191)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
2 I.2 Concerning Virtue (Vol.1 Pg.256)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
3 I.3 Of Dialectic, or the Means of Raising the Soul to the Intelligible World (Vol.1 Pg.269)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
4 I.4 Whether Animals May Be Termed Happy (Vol.4 Pg.1019)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
5 I.5 Does Happiness Increase With Time? (Vol.3 Pg.684)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
6 I.6 Of Beauty (Vol.1 Pg.40)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
7 I.7 Of the First Good, and of the Other Goods (Vol.4 Pg.1208)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
8 I.8 Of the Nature and Origin of Evils (Vol.4 Pg.1142)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
9 I.9 Of Suicide (Vol.1 Pg.243)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
10 II.1 Of the Heaven (Vol.3 Pg.813)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
11 II.2 About the Movement of the Heavens (Vol.1 Pg.227)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
12 II.3 Whether Astrology is of any Value (Vol.4 Pg.1165)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
13 II.4 Of Matter (Vol.1 Pg.197)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
14 II.5 Of the Aristotelian Distinction Between Actuality and Potentiality (Vol.2 Pg.341)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
15 II.6 Of Essence and Being (Vol.1 Pg.245)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
16 II.7 About Mixture to the Point of Total Penetration (Vol.3 Pg.691)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
17 II.8 Of Sight; or of Why Distant Objects Seem Small (Vol.3 Pg.680)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
18 II.9a That the Creator and the World are Not Evil (Vol.2 Pg.599)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
19 II.9b Against the Gnostics (Vol.2 Pg.620)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
20 III.1 Concerning Fate (Vol.1 Pg.86)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
21 III.2a Of Providence (Vol.4 Pg.1042)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
22 III.2b Of Providence (Vol.4 Pg.1059)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
23 III.3 Continuation of That on Providence (Vol.4 Pg.1077)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
24 III.4 Of Our Individual Guardian (Vol.1 Pg.233)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
25 III.5 Of Love, or "Eros" (Vol.4 Pg.1122)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
26 III.6a Of the Impassibility of Incorporeal Entities (Vol.2 Pg.350)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
27 III.6b Soul and Matter (Vol.2 Pg.368)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
28 III.7a Of Eternity (Vol.3 Pg.985)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
29 III.7b Of Time (Vol.3 Pg.996)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
30 III.8 Of Nature, Contemplation and Unity (Vol.2 Pg.531)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
31 III.9 Fragments About the Soul, the Intelligence, and the Good (Vol.1 Pg.220)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
32 IV.1 Of the Being of the Soul (Vol.1 Pg.100)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
33 IV.2 How the Soul Mediates Between Indivisible and Divisible Essence (Vol.1 Pg.276)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
34 IV.3a Are Not All Souls Parts or Emanations of a Single Soul? (Vol.2 Pg.387)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
35 IV.3b Why and How do Souls Descend into Bodies? (Vol.2 Pg.403)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
36 IV.3c Does the Soul Employ Discursive Reason While Discarnate? (Vol.2 Pg.416)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
37 IV.4a Questions About the Soul (Vol.2 Pg.441)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
38 IV.4b Questions About the Soul (Vol.2 Pg.465)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
39 IV.4c Questions About the Soul (Vol.2 Pg.490)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
40 IV.5 About the Process of Vision and Hearing (Vol.2 Pg.514)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
41 IV.6 Of Sensation and Memory (Vol.3 Pg.829)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
42 IV.7a Of the Immortality of the Soul (Vol.1 Pg.56)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
43 IV.7b Of the Immortality of the Soul (Vol.1 Pg.74)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
44 IV.8 On the Descent of the Soul Into the Body (Vol.1 Pg.119)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
45 IV.9 Whether All Souls Form a Single One (Vol.1 Pg.139)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
46 V.1 The Three Principal Hypostases, or Forms of Existence (Vol.1 Pg.173)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
47 V.2 Of Generation, and of the Order of things that Rank Next After the First (Vol.1 Pg.193)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
48 V.3a The Self-Consciousnesses, and What is Above Them (Vol.4 Pg.1090)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
49 V.3b The Self-Consciousnesses, and What is Above Them (Vol.4 Pg.1106)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
50 V.4 How What is After the First Proceeds Therefrom; of the One (Vol.1 Pg.134)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
51 V.5 That Intelligible Entities Are Not External to the Intelligence of the Good (Vol.2 Pg.575)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
52 V.6 The Superessential Principle Does Not Think (Vol.2 Pg.333)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
53 V.7 Do Ideas of Individuals Exist (Vol.1 Pg.251)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
54 V.8 Concerning Intelligible Beauty (Vol.2 Pg.551)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
55 V.9 Of Intelligence, Ideas and Essence (Vol.1 Pg.102)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
56 VI.1a Of the Ten Aristotelian Categories (Vol.3 Pg.837)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
57 VI.1b Of the Ten Aristotelian Categories (Vol.3 Pg.860)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
58 VI.1c Criticism of the Stoic Categories (Vol.3 Pg.878)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
59 VI.2a The Categories of Plotinos (Vol.3 Pg.891)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
60 VI.2b The Categories of Plotinos (Vol.3 Pg.911)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
61 VI.3a Plotinos's Own Sense-Categories (Vol.3 Pg.933)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
62 VI.3b Plotinos's Own Sense-Categories (Vol.3 Pg.948)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
63 VI.3c Plotinos's Own Sense-Categories (Vol.3 Pg.967)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
64 VI.4a The One Identical Essence is Everywhere Entirely Present (Vol.2 Pg.285)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
65 VI.4b The One Identical Essence is Everywhere Entirely Present (Vol.2 Pg.300)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
66 VI.5 The One Identical Essence is Everywhere Entirely Present (Vol.2 Pg.314)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
67 VI.6a Of Numbers (Vol.3 Pg.643)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
68 VI.6b Of Numbers (Vol.3 Pg.661)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
69 VI.7a How Ideas Multiply (Vol.3 Pg.697)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
70 VI.7b How Ideas Multiply (Vol.3 Pg.712)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
71 VI.7c A Study of the Good (Vol.3 Pg.726)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
72 VI.7d A Study of the Good (Vol.3 Pg. 749)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
73 VI.8a Of the Will of the One (Vol.3 Pg.773)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
74 VI.8b Of the Will of the One (Vol.3 Pg.793)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
75 VI.9a Of the Good and the One (Vol.1 Pg.147)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
76 VI.9b Of the Good and the One (Vol.1 Pg.161)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
77 Life of Plotinos by Porphyry I-VII (Vol.1 Pg.5)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
78 Life of Plotinos by Porphyry VIII-XVIII (Vol.1 Pg.15)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
79 Life of Plotinos by Porphyry XIX-XXIV (Vol.1 Pg.25)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
80 Life of Plotinos by Eunapius & Suidas (Vol.1 Pg.39)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
81 Porphyry's Commentary - Part 1 (Vol.4 Pg.1215)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
82 Porphyry's Commentary - Part 2 (Vol.4 Pg.1233)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
83 Psychological Fragments (Vol.4 Pg. 1254)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
84 PS1 Development in the Teachings of Plotinos (Vol.4 Pg.1269)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
85 PS2 Platonism: Significance, Progress, and Results (Vol.4 Pg. 1288)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
86 PS3 Plotinos's View of Matter (Vol.4 Pg.1296)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
87 PS4 Plotinos's Creation of the Trinity (Vol.4 Pg.1300)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
88 PS5 Resemblances to Christianity (Vol.4 Pg.1307)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
89 PS6 Plotinos's Indebtedness to Numenius (Vol.4 Pg. 1313)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK
90 PS7 Value of Plotinos (Vol.4 Pg.1327)  GeoffreyEdwards PL OK