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1 Scene 1 - in a public square at Athens  Availle MrsHand clarinetcarrot leanneyauyau lian2902952 PL OK
2 Scene 2 - before the gates of the Acropolis  Availle RobMarland MrsHand unreadpages LydiaCW catharmaiden Kitty leanneyauyau DaMa bluechien PL OK
3 Scene 3 - within the precincts of the citadel  Availle alanmapstone RobMarland MrsHand unreadpages LydiaCW ZamesCurran catharmaiden Kitty VfkaBT sawasawaya leanneyauyau lian2902952 WiltedScribe Mratthew DaMa bluechien NemoR StarFire Fiindil PL OK