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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Introduction Part 1  JimRowland PL OK
2 Introduction Part 2 and Dedication  JimRowland PL OK
3 Ireland to Caribbean  MrsHand PL OK
4 Caribbean to Grande  MrsHand PL OK
5 Account of Brazile  MrsHand PL OK
6 Account of River of La Plata  pnagami PL OK
7 From Grande to Juan Fernandez  MrsHand PL OK
8 Account of Alexander Selkirk  MrsHand PL OK
9 Juan Fernandez to Lobos and Northward  MrsHand PL OK
10 At Guiaquil Part 1  MrsHand PL OK
11 At Guiaquil Part 2  MrsHand PL OK
12 Island of Gorgona  MrsHand PL OK
13 Island of Gorgona part 2 and Galapagos Islands  MrsHand PL OK
14 Off Mexico  MrsHand PL OK
15 Off California  sskim PL OK
16 Mexico describ'd  sskim PL OK
17 Peru and Chili describ'd  LUIOP PL OK
18 To the East Indies  sskim PL OK
19 East Indies to the Cape of Good Hope  sskim PL OK
20 Cape of Good Hope; to Holland and London  wsraymond PL OK