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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Dramatis Personae  wib66 PL OK
1 Conic Section  wib66 SweetPea EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles GilmoreDon Rosalynn beccamaggie JohnnySmith WiltedScribe aaronml PL OK
2 A New Year and a New Plan  wib66 EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles Kitty GilmoreDon JohnnySmith lian2902952 PL OK
3 On the Way  wib66 SweetPea LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles GilmoreDon McFarlane stoogeswoman WiltedScribe PL OK
4 The Nunnery  wib66 SweetPea LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles Kitty GilmoreDon stoogeswoman PL OK
5 Roses and Thorns  Elizabby wib66 SweetPea LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles Kitty stoogeswoman PL OK
6 The S.S.U.C.  Kalynda Elizabby Kristingj wib66 SweetPea LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles leanneyauyau Twinkle88 stoogeswoman Thelegendarychicken avocado PL OK
7 Injustice  Kalynda Elizabby wib66 LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles Kitty leanneyauyau stoogeswoman zwergwolf PL OK
8 Changes  Elizabby wib66 LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides SuperCoconut AdeledePignerolles Kitty leanneyauyau Twinkle88 stoogeswoman avocado PL OK
9 The Autumn Vacation  Kalynda Elizabby Delmar H Dolbier wib66 LydiaCW EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles McFarlane Twinkle88 stoogeswoman lian2902952 WiltedScribe aaronml vickihib PL OK
10 A Budget of Letters  wib66 SweetPea MrsHand EstherbenSimonides AdeledePignerolles GilmoreDon Rosalynn EddySherman aaronml PL OK
11 Christmas Boxes  Elizabby wib66 EstherbenSimonides SuperCoconut AdeledePignerolles Rosalynn JohnnySmith Twinkle88 stoogeswoman zwergwolf vickihib PL OK
12 Waiting for Spring  linny wib66 kathrinee EstherbenSimonides SuperCoconut AdeledePignerolles JohnnySmith leanneyauyau Twinkle88 stoogeswoman WiltedScribe zwergwolf avocado PL OK
13 Paradise Regained  Elizabby wib66 SweetPea EstherbenSimonides SuperCoconut AdeledePignerolles GilmoreDon Rosalynn EddySherman JohnnySmith stoogeswoman WiltedScribe zwergwolf PL OK