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1 Chapter XXV, Part 1  achen 27:56 until "The two dames then parted company." Listen See PL notes
2 Chapter XXV, Part 2  achen 3200 words from "But passing them over, we will now allude to Lin Tai-yu." Assigned
3 Chapter XXVI, Part 1   3700 words until "When are you not engaged in practising?" Open
4 Chapter XXVI, Part 2   3800 words from "Saying this, he continued his way and straightway reached the entrance of a court.' Open
5 Chapter XXVII, Part 1   3200 words until "...she felt constrained to suppress her resentment and go in search of lady Feng." Open
6 Chapter XXVII, Part 2   3700 words from "On her arrival at widow Li's quarters, she, in point of fact, discovered lady Feng..." Open
7 Chapter XXVIII, Part 1   5500 words until "After this, Hüeh P'an had no way out of it and felt compelled to resume his seat." Open
8 Chapter XXVIII, Part 2   4400 words from "They then heard Pao-yü recite:' Open
9 Chapter XXIX, Part 1   4900 words until "These directions given, Chang, the Taoist, retired out of the place." Open
10 Chapter XXIX, Part 2   4800 words from "Dowager lady Chia and her companions thereupon walked upstairs and sat in the main part of the building." Open
11 Chapter XXX, Part 1   2800 words until "...stifled his anger and straightway left the apartment in a state of mental depression.." Open
12 Chapter XXX, Part 2   3200 words from "It happened to be the season of the greatest heat. " Open
13 Chapter XXXI, Part 1   4100 words until "But we can well dispense with launching into any minute details." Open
14 Chapter XXXI, Part 2   3200 words from "On the morrow, noon found Madame Wang, Hsüeh Pao-ch'ai, Lin Tai-yü, and the rest..." Open
15 Chapter XXXII, Part 1   2800 words until "while drying her tears she turned round, and wended her steps back in the direction of her apartments." Open
16 Chapter XXXII, Part 2   3400 words from "Pao-yü, meanwhile, had hurriedly got into his new costume. " Open
17 Chapter XXXIII   5700 words, whole chapter please Open
18 Chapter XXXIV, Part 1   3900 words, from "As she spoke, she could not help melting into tears." Open
19 Chapter XXXIV, Part 2   4100 words from "At the sight of Madame Wang in this disconsolate mood,..." Open
20 Chapter XXXV, Part 1   3900 words until " put the back-cushions in their places, and to spread out the rugs." Open
21 Chapter XXXV, Part 2   4200 words from "Dowager lady Chia stepped into the room, leaning on lady Feng's arm." Open
22 Chapter XXXVI, Part 1   3500 words until "With these words, she sallied out of the room." Open
23 Chapter XXXVI, Part 2   4000 words from "Pao-ch'ai was intent upon examining the embroidery, so in her absentmindedness, ..." Open
24 Chapter XXXVII, Part 1   5000 words until " But we will leave them without further comment." Open
25 Chapter XXXVII, Part 2   5400 words from "When Hsi Jen, for we will now come to her, perceived Pao-yü peruse the note and walk off in a great flurry..." Open
26 Chapter XXXVIII, Part 1   3800 words until "... for her and substituted that of "Hsia" (russet)." Open
27 Chapter XXXVIII, Part 2   3200 words from "A short time only elapsed before the compositions on the twelve themes had all been completed." Open
28 Chapter XXXIX, Part 1   3800 words until "This remark made every one explode into laughter." Open
29 Chapter XXXIX, Part 2   3100 words from "Dowager lady Chia also laughed." Open
30 Chapter XL, Part 1   5000 words until "The remnants were, meanwhile, cleared away, and fresh tables were laid. " Open
31 Chapter XL, Part 2   4600 words from "Old goody Liu watched Li Wan and lady Feng sit opposite each other and eat." Open
32 Chapter XLI, Part 1   3700 words until "This cup, Miao Yü filled, and handed to Pao-ch'ai." Open
33 Chapter XLI, Part 2   3500 words from "The other cup was, in appearance, as clumsy as it was small; ..." Open
34 Chapter XLII, Part 1   4100 words until "don't tell anyone else! I won't, in the future, breathe such things again." Open
35 Chapter XLII, Part 2   4100 words from "Pao-ch'ai noticed how from shame the blood rushed to her face,...." Open
36 Chapter XLIII, Part 1   3800 words until "At these assurances, both put the money away, with profuse expressions of gratitude." Open
37 Chapter XLIII, Part 2   3900 words, from "In a twinkle, the second day of the ninth moon arrived. " Open
38 Chapter XLIV, Part 1   3600 words until "...that he did not return to his quarters, but betook himself into the outer study." Open
39 Chapter XLIV, Part 2   3800 words from "During this while, Mesdames Hsing and Wang also called lady Feng to task." Open
40 Chapter XLV, Part 1   4500 words until "But presently the trio took their departure, and Li Wan and her companions sped back into the garden." Open
41 Chapter XLV, Part 2   4000 words from "When evening came, lady Feng actually bade the servants go and look (into the loft),..." Open
42 Chapter XLVI, Part 1   4900 words until ""Have you, miss, run over here? Come along with me; I've got something to tell you!" Open
43 Chapter XLVI, Part 2   4300 words from "P'ing Erh and Hsi Jen speedily motioned to her to sit down, but (Yüan Yang's) sister-in-law demurred." Open
44 Chapter XLVII, Part 1   3400 words until "a girl of seventeen years of age, Yen Hung by name, whom he introduced as secondary wife into his household." Open
45 Chapter XLVII, Part 2   4400 words from "But enough of this subject. " Open
46 Chapter XLVIII, Part 1   3600 words until "...after which she betook herself home, where we will leave her without further notice. " Open
47 Chapter XLVIII, Part 2   3700 words, from "After Hsiang Ling, for we will take up the thread of our narrative with her...," Open
48 Chapter XLIX, Part 1   4000 words until "while Lin Tai-yü returned to her room and lay down to rest." Open
49 Chapter XLIX, Part 2   4000 words from "Pao-yü thereupon came to look up Tai-yü." Open
50 Chapter L, Part 1   3400 words until " No doubt need 'gain arise as to its beauty differing from then." Open
51 Chapter L, Part 2   4500 words from "The perusal over, they spent some time in heaping, smiling the while, eulogiums upon the compositions." Open
52 Chapter LI, Part 1   3300 words, until "while She Yüeh lay down outside the winter apartments." Open
53 Chapter LI, Part 2   4200 words, from "The third watch had come and gone, when Pao-yü, in the midst of a dream, started calling Hsi Jen." Open
54 Chapter LII, Part 1   4700 words until "and, giving orders to bring the warming-frame near the winter apartment, She Yueh slept on it." Open
55 Chapter LII, Part 2   4300 words from "Nothing of any interest worth putting on record transpired during the night." Open
56 Chapter LIII, Part 1   4600 words until "But nothing of any note occurred during that night." Open
57 Chapter LIII, Part 2   4600 words from "The next day, he had, needless to say, still more things to give his mind to. " Open
58 Chapter LIV, Part 1   4300 words until "Not even in our homes is any of this confused talk allowed to reach the ears of the young people."" Open
59 Chapter LIV, Part 2   4600 words from ""Lady Secunda," they both exclaimed, "what a sharp tongue you have! " Open
60 Chapter LV, Part 1   4700 words until "With these words, she rushed with all despatch out of the room." Open
61 Chapter LV, Part 2   4800 words from "T'an Ch'un smoothed her face. " Open
62 Chapter LVI, Part 1   5200 words until "they'll readily look after such things on your behalf as you won't have the time to attend to." Open
63 Chapter LVI, Part 2   4300 words from "The matrons listened to her explanations; (and finding that) they would be removed..." Open