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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Just In Time  DACSoft PL OK
2 A Home Conference  DACSoft PL OK
3 One Last Game  DACSoft PL OK
4 A Sneering Laugh  DACSoft PL OK
5 Off For Yale  DACSoft PL OK
6 On the Campus  DACSoft PL OK
7 A New Chum  DACSoft PL OK
8 Ambitions  DACSoft PL OK
9 The Shampoo  DACSoft PL OK
10 A Wild Night  DACSoft PL OK
11 The Red Paint  DACSoft PL OK
12 Joe's Silence  DACSoft PL OK
13 Early Practice  DACSoft PL OK
14 The Surprise  DACSoft PL OK
15 His First Chance  DACSoft PL OK
16 Joe Makes Good  DACSoft PL OK
17 Another Step  DACSoft PL OK
18 Plotting  DACSoft PL OK
19 The Anonymous Letter  DACSoft PL OK
20 The Cornell Host  DACSoft PL OK
21 Eager Hearts  DACSoft PL OK
22 The Crimson Spot  DACSoft PL OK
23 Joe's Triumph  DACSoft PL OK
24 Hard Luck  DACSoft PL OK
25 At West Point  DACSoft PL OK
26 A Sore Arm  DACSoft PL OK
27 The Accusation  DACSoft PL OK
28 Vindication  DACSoft PL OK
29 Bucking the Tiger  DACSoft PL OK
30 The Championship  DACSoft PL OK