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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Birth of the Prince and the Pauper; Tom’s early life  lsiebur1 PL OK
2 Tom's Meeting with the Prince  lsiebur1 PL OK
3 The Prince's Troubles Begin  lsiebur1 PL OK
4 Tom as a Patrician  lsiebur1 PL OK
5 Tom Receives Instructions  lsiebur1 PL OK
6 Tom's First Royal Dinner; The Question of the Seal; The River Pageant  lsiebur1 PL OK
7 The Prince and the Toils  lsiebur1 PL OK
8 At Guildhall  lsiebur1 PL OK
9 The Prince and His Deliverer  lsiebur1 PL OK
10 The Disappearance of the Prince  lsiebur1 PL OK
11 ‘Le Roi est mort— vive le Roi’  lsiebur1 PL OK
12 Tom as King; The State Dinner  lsiebur1 PL OK
13 Foo-foo the First  lsiebur1 PL OK
14 The Prince with the Tramps  lsiebur1 PL OK
15 The Prince with the Peasants  lsiebur1 PL OK
16 The Prince with the Hermit  lsiebur1 PL OK
17 Hendon to the Rescue  lsiebur1 PL OK
18 A Victim of Treachery  lsiebur1 PL OK
19 The Prince as a Prisoner  lsiebur1 PL OK
20 Hendon Hall  lsiebur1 PL OK
21 Disowned; In Prison  lsiebur1 PL OK
22 The Sacrifice; To London; Tom's Progress  lsiebur1 PL OK
23 The Recognition Procession; Coronation Day  lsiebur1 PL OK
24 Edward as King; CONCLUSION - Justice and Retribution.  lsiebur1 PL OK