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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter I: The Trap  BettyB PL OK
2 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter II: Mr. Woodchuck Captures a Girl  BettyB PL OK
3 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter III: Mr. Woodchuck Scolds Twinkle  BettyB PL OK
4 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter IV: Mrs. Woodchuck and Her Family  BettyB PL OK
5 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter V: Mr. Woodchuck Argues the Question  BettyB PL OK
6 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter VI: Twinkle is Taken to the Judge  BettyB PL OK
7 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter VII: Twinkle is Condemned  BettyB PL OK
8 Mr. Woodchuck - Chapter VIII: Twinkle Remembers  BettyB PL OK
9 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter I: Jim Crow Becomes a Pet  nickbulka PL OK
10 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter II: Jim Crow Runs Away  nickbulka PL OK
11 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter III: Jim Crow Finds a New Home  nickbulka PL OK
12 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter IV: Jim Crow Becomes a Robber  nickbulka PL OK
13 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter V: Jim Crow Meets Policeman Blue Jay  nickbulka PL OK
14 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter VI: Jim Crow Fools the Policeman  nickbulka PL OK
15 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter VII: Jim Crow is Punished  nickbulka PL OK
16 Bandit Jim Crow - Chapter VIII: Jim Crow has Time to Repent His Sins  nickbulka PL OK
17 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter I: The Picnic  BettyB PL OK
18 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter II: Prairie-Dog Town  BettyB PL OK
19 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter III: Mr. Bowko, the Mayor  BettyB PL OK
20 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter IV: Presto Digi, the Magician  BettyB PL OK
21 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter V: The Home of the Puff-Pudgys  BettyB PL OK
22 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter VI: Teenty and Weenty  BettyB PL OK
23 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter VII: The Mayour Gives a Luncheon  BettyB PL OK
24 Prairie-Dog Town - Chapter VIII: On Top of the Earth Again  BettyB PL OK
25 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter I: Twinkle Captures the Turtle  BettyB PL OK
26 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter II: Twinkle Discovers the Turtle can Talk  BettyB PL OK
27 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter III: The Turtle Tells of the Corrugated Giant  BettyB PL OK
28 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter IV: Prince Turtle Remembers His Magic  BettyB PL OK
29 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter V: Twinkle Promises to be Brave  BettyB PL OK
30 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter VI: Twinkle Meets the Corrugated Giant  BettyB PL OK
31 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter VII: Prince Mud-Turtle Becomes Prince Melga  BettyB PL OK
32 Prince Mud-Turtle - Chapter VIII: Twinkle Receives a Medal  BettyB PL OK
33 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter I: Twinkle Enters the Big Gulch  learningtangent PL OK
34 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter II: The Rolling Stone  learningtangent PL OK
35 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter III: Some Queer Acquaintances  learningtangent PL OK
36 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter IV: The Dancing Bear  learningtangent PL OK
37 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter V: The Cave of the Waterfall  learningtangent PL OK
38 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter VI: Prince Nimble  learningtangent PL OK
39 Twinkle's Enchantment - Chapter VII: The Grasshoppers' Hop  learningtangent PL OK
40 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter I: The Golden Key  Twinkle88 PL OK
41 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter II: Through the Tunnel  Twinkle88 PL OK
42 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter III: Sugar-Loaf City  Kalynda PL OK
43 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter IV: To the King's Palace  Kalynda PL OK
44 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter V: Princess Sakareen  atisaonfire PL OK
45 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter VI: The Royal Chariot  BettyB PL OK
46 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter VII: Twinkle Gets Thirsty  Rowan PL OK
47 Sugar-Loaf Mountain - Chapter VIII: After the Runaway  Rowan PL OK