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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Angels at the foot  maggietravers PL OK
2 Love me, --I love you  fairyland PL OK
3 My baby has a father and a mother  maggietravers PL OK
4 Our little baby fell asleep  fairyland PL OK
5 "Kookoorookoo! kookoorookoo!"  maggietravers PL OK
6 Baby cry  fairyland PL OK
7 Eight o'clock  maggietravers PL OK
8 Bread and milk for breakfast  fairyland PL OK
9 There's snow on the fields  maggietravers PL OK
10 Dead in the cold, a song-singing thrush  fairyland PL OK
11 I dug and dug amongst the snow  maggietravers PL OK
12 A city plum is not a plum  fairyland PL OK
13 Your brother has a falcon  maggietravers PL OK
14 Hear what the mournful linnets say  fairyland PL OK
15 A baby's cradle with no baby in it  maggietravers PL OK
16 Hop-o'-my-thumb and little Jack Horner  fairyland PL OK
17 Hope is like a harebell trembling from its birth  maggietravers PL OK
18 O wind, why do you never rest  fairyland PL OK
19 Crying, my little one, footsore and weary?  maggietravers PL OK
20 Growing in the vale  fairyland PL OK
21 A linnet in a gilded cage  maggietravers PL OK
22 Wrens and robins in the hedge  fairyland PL OK
23 My baby has a mottled fist  maggietravers PL OK
24 Why did baby die  fairyland PL OK
25 If all were rain and never sun  maggietravers PL OK
26 O wind, where have you been  fairyland PL OK
27 Brownie, Brownie, let down your milk  maggietravers PL OK
28 On the grassy banks  fairyland PL OK
29 Rushes in a watery place  maggietravers PL OK
30 Minnie and Mattie  fairyland PL OK
31 Heartsease in my garden bed  maggietravers PL OK
32 If I were a Queen  fairyland PL OK
33 What are heavy? sea-sand and sorrow  maggietravers PL OK
34 Stroke a flint, and there is nothing to admire  fairyland PL OK
35 There is but one May in the year  maggietravers PL OK
36 The summer nights are short  fairyland PL OK
37 The days are clear  maggietravers PL OK
38 Twist me a crown of wind-flowers  fairyland PL OK
39 Brown and furry  maggietravers PL OK
40 A toadstool comes up in a night  fairyland PL OK
41 A pocket handkerchief to hem  maggietravers PL OK
42 If a pig wore a wig  fairyland PL OK
43 Seldom "can't"  maggietravers PL OK
44 One and one are two  maggietravers PL OK
45 How many seconds in a minute?  maggietravers PL OK
46 What will you give me for my pound?  maggietravers PL OK
47 January cold desolate  maggietravers PL OK
48 What is pink? a rose is pink  fairyland PL OK
49 Mother shake the cherry tree  maggietravers PL OK
50 A pin has a head, but has no hair  fairyland PL OK
51 Hopping frog, hop here and be seen  maggietravers PL OK
52 Where innocent bright-eyed daisies are  maggietravers PL OK
53 The city mouse lives in a house  maggietravers PL OK
54 What does the donkey bray about?  maggietravers PL OK
55 Three plum buns  maggietravers PL OK
56 A motherless soft lambkin  maggietravers PL OK
57 Dancing on the hill-tops  maggietravers PL OK
58 When fishes set umbrellas up  fairyland PL OK
59 The peacock has a score of eyes  maggietravers PL OK
60 Pussy has a whiskered face  fairyland PL OK
61 The dog lies in his kennel  maggietravers PL OK
62 If hope grew on a bush  fairyland PL OK
63 I planted a hand  maggietravers PL OK
64 Under the ivy bush  fairyland PL OK
65 I am a King  maggietravers PL OK
66 There is one that has a head without an eye  fairyland PL OK
67 If a mouse could fly  maggietravers PL OK
68 Sing me a song  fairyland PL OK
69 The lily has an air  maggietravers PL OK
70 Margaret has a milking-pail  fairyland PL OK
71 In the meadow--what in the meadow?  maggietravers PL OK
72 A frisky lamb  fairyland PL OK
73 Mix a pancake  maggietravers PL OK
74 The wind has such a rainy sound  fairyland PL OK
75 Three little children  maggietravers PL OK
76 Fly away, fly away over the sea  fairyland PL OK
77 Minnie bakes oaten cakes  maggietravers PL OK
78 A white hen sitting  fairyland PL OK
79 Currants on a bush  maggietravers PL OK
80 Playing at bob cherry  fairyland PL OK
81 I have but one rose in the world  maggietravers PL OK
82 Rosy maiden Winifred  fairyland PL OK
83 Blind from my birth  maggietravers PL OK
84 When the cows come home the milk is coming  fairyland PL OK
85 Roses blushing red and white  maggietravers PL OK
86 "Ding a ding"  fairyland PL OK
87 A ring upon her finger  maggietravers PL OK
88 Ferry me across the water  fairyland PL OK
89 When a mounting skylark sings  maggietravers PL OK
90 Who has seen the wind?  fairyland PL OK
91 The horses of the sea  maggietravers PL OK
92 O sailor, come ashore  maggietravers PL OK
93 A diamond or a coal?  maggietravers PL OK
94 An emerald is as green as grass  maggietravers PL OK
95 Boats sail on the rivers  maggietravers PL OK
96 The lily has a smooth stalk  maggietravers PL OK
97 Hurt no living thing  maggietravers PL OK
98 I caught a little ladybird  maggietravers PL OK
99 All the bells were ringing  maggietravers PL OK
100 Wee wee husband  maggietravers PL OK
101 I have a little husband  maggietravers PL OK
102 The dear old woman in the lane  maggietravers PL OK
103 Swift and sure the swallow  maggietravers PL OK
104 I dreamt I caught a little owl  maggietravers PL OK
105 What does the bee do?  maggietravers PL OK
106 I have a Poll parrot  maggietravers PL OK
107 A house of cards  maggietravers PL OK
108 The rose with such a bonny blush  maggietravers PL OK
109 The rose that blushes rosy red  maggietravers PL OK
110 Oh, fair to see  maggietravers PL OK
111 Clever little Willie wee  maggietravers PL OK
112 The peach tree on the southern wall  maggietravers PL OK
113 A rose has thorns as well as honey  maggietravers PL OK
114 Is the moon tired? she looks so pale  maggietravers PL OK
115 If stars dropped out of heaven  maggietravers PL OK
116 "Goodbye in fear, goodbye in sorrow"  maggietravers PL OK
117 If the sun could tell us half  maggietravers PL OK
118 If the moon came from heaven  maggietravers PL OK
119 O Lady moon, your horns point toward the east  maggietravers PL OK
120 What do the stars do?  maggietravers PL OK
121 Motherless baby and babyless mother  maggietravers PL OK
122 Crimson curtains round my mother's bed  maggietravers PL OK
123 Baby lies so fast alseep  maggietravers PL OK
124 I know a baby, such a baby  maggietravers PL OK
125 Lullaby, oh, lullaby!  maggietravers PL OK
126 Lie a-bed  maggietravers PL OK