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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Dark Lady  Bead Krazy Dawn 34:25 Listen PL OK
2 The Vanishing Bag  Bead Krazy Dawn 17.14 Listen PL OK
3 The "Flying Corntassel"  Bead Krazy Dawn 13.23 Listen PL OK
4 With the Aid of Providence  Bead Krazy Dawn 7:41 Listen PL OK
5 Danby's Secret  Bead Krazy Dawn 14:30 Listen PL OK
6 The Gypsy Witch Cards  Bead Krazy Dawn 11.47 Listen PL OK
7 A Strange Battle  Bead Krazy Dawn 13.59 Listen PL OK
8 Trailing an Old Pal  Bead Krazy Dawn 10.58 Listen PL OK
9 Little Sweden  Bead Krazy Dawn 10.01 Listen PL OK
10 One Wild Night  Bead Krazy Dawn 9:21 Listen PL OK
11 Goodbye Fair  Bead Krazy Dawn 10:22 Listen PL OK
12 Flying Through the Night  Bead Krazy Dawn 11:48 Listen PL OK
13 Suspects  Bead Krazy Dawn 9:54 Listen PL OK
14 Gypsy Trail  Bead Krazy Dawn 10:53 Listen PL OK
15 Lady Cop of the Sky  Bead Krazy Dawn 13:25 Listen PL OK
16 A Suspicious Character  Bead Krazy Dawn 12:23 Listen PL OK
17 A Surprise Visit  Bead Krazy Dawn 10:49 Listen PL OK
18 The Red Devil  Bead Krazy Dawn 13:37 Listen PL OK
19 The Fire-Bird  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
20 Someone Vanishes  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
21 An Astonishing Discovery  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
22 The Silver Ship  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
23 The Gypsy's Warning  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
24 48-48  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
25 Lost in the Air of Night  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned