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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 The Dark Lady  Bead Krazy Dawn 34:25 Listen PL OK
2 The Vanishing Bag  Bead Krazy Dawn 17.14 Listen PL OK
3 The "Flying Corntassel"  Bead Krazy Dawn 13.23 Listen PL OK
4 With the Aid of Providence  Bead Krazy Dawn 7:41 Listen PL OK
5 Danby's Secret  Bead Krazy Dawn 14:30 Listen PL OK
6 The Gypsy Witch Cards  Bead Krazy Dawn 11.47 Listen PL OK
7 A Strange Battle  Bead Krazy Dawn 13.59 Listen PL OK
8 Trailing an Old Pal  Bead Krazy Dawn 10.58 Listen PL OK
9 Little Sweden  Bead Krazy Dawn 10.01 Listen PL OK
10 One Wild Night  Bead Krazy Dawn 9:21 Listen PL OK
11 Goodbye Fair  Bead Krazy Dawn 10:22 Listen PL OK
12 Flying Through the Night  Bead Krazy Dawn 11:48 Listen PL OK
13 Suspects  Bead Krazy Dawn 9:54 Listen PL OK
14 Gypsy Trail  Bead Krazy Dawn 10:53 Listen PL OK
15 Lady Cop of the Sky  Bead Krazy Dawn 13:25 Listen PL OK
16 A Suspicious Character  Bead Krazy Dawn 12:23 Listen PL OK
17 A Surprise Visit  Bead Krazy Dawn 10:49 Listen PL OK
18 The Red Devil  Bead Krazy Dawn 13:37 Listen PL OK
19 The Fire-Bird  Bead Krazy Dawn 8:15 Listen PL OK
20 Someone Vanishes  Bead Krazy Dawn 9:42 Listen PL OK
21 An Astonishing Discovery  Bead Krazy Dawn 11:36 Listen PL OK
22 The Silver Ship  Bead Krazy Dawn PL OK
23 The Gypsy's Warning  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
24 48-48  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned
25 Lost in the Air of Night  Bead Krazy Dawn Assigned