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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Introduction  Availle PL OK
1 Examination for the Post of Guardian Angel  Availle PL OK
2 The Talking Pupils  Kitty PL OK
3 The Painted Wall  Kitty PL OK
4 Planting a Pear-tree  Kitty PL OK
5 The Taoist Priest of Lao-shan  Kitty PL OK
6 The Buddhist Priest of Ch'ang-ching  Doteyescrossts PL OK
7 The Marriage of the Fox's Daughter  JaneDever PL OK
8 Miss Chiao-no  JaneDever PL OK
9 Magical Arts  JaneDever PL OK
10 Joining the Immortals  amysun PL OK
11 The Fighting Quails  JaneDever PL OK
12 The Painted Skin  Lucy_k_p PL OK
13 The Trader's Son  olpec667 PL OK
14 Judge Lu  echobase77 PL OK
15 Miss Ying-ning; or, the Laughing Girl  Availle PL OK
16 The Magic Sword  JaneDever PL OK
17 The Shui-mang Plant  lian2902952 PL OK
18 Little Chu  JaneDever PL OK
19 Miss Quarta Hu  JaneDever PL OK
20 Mr Chu, The Considerate Husband  LisaRubio PL OK
21 The Magnanimous Girl  Lucy_k_p PL OK
22 The Boon-Companion  Kitty PL OK
23 Miss Lien-Hsiang, The Fox-girl  Availle PL OK
24 Miss A-Pao; or, Perseverance Rewarded  JaneDever PL OK
25 Jen Hsiu, The Gambler  JaneDever PL OK
26 The Lost Brother  BeccaJ PL OK
27 The Three Genii  Kitty PL OK
28 The Singing Frogs  LisaRubio PL OK
29 The Performing Mice  LisaRubio PL OK
30 Tiger of Chao-Ch'eng  VfkaBT PL OK
31 A Dwarf  olpec667 PL OK
32 Hsiang-Ju's Misfortunes  jburlinson PL OK
33 Chang's Transformation  VfkaBT PL OK
34 A Taoist Priest  JaneDever PL OK
35 The Fight with the Foxes  VfkaBT PL OK
36 The King  olpec667 PL OK
37 Engaged to a Nun  plaidsicle PL OK
38 The Young Lady of the Tung-t'ing Lake  lian2902952 PL OK
39 The Man who was changed into a Crow  Availle PL OK
40 The Flower-nymphs  lian2902952 PL OK
41 Ta-nan in Search of his Father  jburlinson PL OK
42 The Wonderful Stone  jftocanada PL OK
43 The Quarrelsome Brothers  JaneDever PL OK
44 The Young Gentleman who couldn't spell  Piotrek81 PL OK
45 The Tiger Guest  adonis PL OK
46 The Sisters  JaneDever PL OK
47 Foreign Priests  olpec667 PL OK
48 The Self-punished Murderer  olpec667 PL OK
49 The Master-thief  olpec667 PL OK
50 A Flood  olpec667 PL OK
51 Death by Laughing  olpec667 PL OK
52 Playing at Hanging  olpec667 PL OK
53 The Rat Wife  olpec667 PL OK
54 The Man who was Thrown Down a Well  larryhayes7 PL OK
55 The Virtuous Daughter-In-Law  Kalynda PL OK
56 Dr Tseng's Dream  Availle PL OK
57 Country of the Cannibals  olpec667 PL OK
58 Foot-ball on the Tung-t'ing Lake  JaneDever PL OK
59 The Thunder God  Michael6230 PL OK
60 The Gambler's Talisman  Michael6230 PL OK
61 The Husband Punished  JaneDever PL OK
62 The Marriage Lottery  JaneDever PL OK