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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
1 Dymchurch-under-the-wall  downey8kids PL OK
2 The Coming of the King's Frigate  downey8kids PL OK
3 The Coming of the King's Men  downey8kids PL OK
4 The Captain  downey8kids PL OK
5 A Bottle of Alsace Lorraine  downey8kids PL OK
6 Doctor Syn Takes Cold  downey8kids PL OK
7 Clegg the Buccaneer  PaleWriter PL OK
8 Dogging the Schoolmaster  DrPGould PL OK
9 The End of Sennacherib Pepper  DrPGould PL OK
10 Doctor Syn Gives Some Advice  DrPGould PL OK
11 The Court House Inquiry  johnb2 PL OK
12 The Captain Objects  johnb2 PL OK
13 The End of the Inquiry  johnb2 PL OK
14 At the Vicarage  johnb2 PL OK
15 A Landed Proprietor Sets Up a Gallows Tree  johnb2 PL OK
16 The Schoolmaster's Suit  johnb2 PL OK
17 The Doctor Sings a Song  johnb2 PL OK
18 Behind the Shutters  johnb2 PL OK
19 The Captain's Nightmare  johnb2 PL OK
20 A Terrible Investigation  johnb2 PL OK
21 The Bo'sun's Story  johnb2 PL OK
22 A Curious Breakfast Party  PaleWriter PL OK
23 A Young Recruit  PaleWriter PL OK
24 The Coffin-Maker Has a Visitor  johnb2 PL OK
25 The Sexton Speaks  johnb2 PL OK
26 The Devils' Tiring House  johnb2 PL OK
27 The Scarecrow's Legion  johnb2 PL OK
28 The Fight at Mill House Farm  PaleWriter PL OK
29 Captain Collyer Entertains an Attorney from Rye  PaleWriter PL OK
30 Doctor Syn Has a ''Call''  PaleWriter PL OK
31 A Certain Tree Bears Fruit  PaleWriter PL OK
32 The Captain's Experiment  PaleWriter PL OK
33 Adventures in Watchbell Street  PaleWriter PL OK
34 A Military Lady-killer Prepares for Battle  DrPGould PL OK
35 Scylla and Charybdis  DrPGould PL OK
36 Holding the Pulpit  johnb2 PL OK
37 The Dead Man's Throttle  johnb2 PL OK
38 Dymchurch-under- the- wall  johnb2 PL OK
39 Echoes  johnb2 PL OK