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SectionTitleReaderNotesListen UrlStatus
0 Preface  SonOfTheExiles 6:45 Listen PL OK
1 Introduction: Pioneer Navigators  SonOfTheExiles 39:49 Listen PL OK
2 The Pioneers of the Blue Mountains  SonOfTheExiles 14:46 Listen PL OK
3 Evan's Discovery of the Lachlan and Macquarie  SonOfTheExiles 4:04 Listen PL OK
4 Oxley's Expedition to the Lachlan and Macquarie  SonOfTheExiles 13:05 Listen PL OK
5 Hume and Hovell's Expedition from Lake George to Port Phillip  SonOfTheExiles 13:13 Listen PL OK
6 Allan Cunningham's Explorations  SonOfTheExiles 21:04 Listen See PL notes
7 Captain Sturt's Three Expeditions  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
8 Eyre's Adventurous Journey Along the Great Australian Bight  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
9 Sir Thomas Mitchell's Four Expeditions  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
10 Kennedy's Disastrous Expedition to Cape Yorke  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
11 Leichhardt's Expedition to Port Essington and into the Interior  SonOfTheExiles 18:21 Listen See PL notes
12 Mr. A. C. Gregory's Expedition to the North-West Interior  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
13 Burke and Wills's Expedition Across the Australian Continent  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
14 Search Expeditions in Quest of Burke and Wills  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
15 John McDouall Stuart’s Expeditions in the South, to the Centre, and Across the Continent  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
16 Colonel Warburton's Journey Across the Western Interior  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
17 The Hon. John Forrest's Explorations in Western Australia  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
18 Mr. Ernest Giles's Explorations in Central and Western Australia  SonOfTheExiles Assigned
19 Other Explorers in Western Australia - Conclusion  SonOfTheExiles Assigned