API Info


The API is currently in: released

DEVELOPERS: have a look at the Dev Notes area at the bottom of the page for a more technical explanation of what's going on.

Url to access: https://librivox.org/api/feed/audiobooks

Parameters allowed (current):

Note that the title, author & genre may be searched on with ^ as before, to anchor the beginign of the search term.

Example: https://librivox.org/api/feed/audiobooks/title/^all

Records default to a limit of 50, offset 0. You may also send these:

Search may be conducted as:





Default format is xml, but also currently available are json, jsonp, serialized & php array. Csv, MARC records and OPML coming soon.



Simple Audiotracks API

Endpoint: https://librivox.org/api/feed/audiotracks


Simple Authors API

Endpoint: https://librivox.org/api/feed/authors


Dev Notes

Here is a TODO list of what is currently being worked on. I'll strike these they are added. This is intended to be an open, back and forth communication area, so please feel free to contact us if you have questions, doubts or observations.

Fields list:

You can specify a list of fields to return in the following two ways:



This supports sub-groups (authors, translators, sections, genres) but not fields within the subgroups (yet)

List of fields: